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How To Find Your Passion | Fast Way To Achieve Success Guaranteed Latest 2022


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How to find your passion ?


In this blog i am going cover this topic - how to find your passion. More than 80% people who doing a job in any field, they are not happy in their life, Because they are doing a job but their interest in other field. Maximum people doing a jobs in different different field, but they have not satisfied in their jobs. They always think how to quit the job and do the things I like most. In details find your passion and live your life happily and meaningful purpose life. follow these steps it will helpful to find your passion easily. 100% guaranteed you will achieve success. After following these steps, you can make your life meaningful and purpose life.

7 steps to find your passion and live your life happily -

1) Prepare.

2) Apprenticeship.

3) Painful practice.

4) Building bridges.

5) Pivot points.

6) The portfolio life.

7) Purpose of life.

1. Prepare 

Make a list of all that things, what you want to do in your life, and you feel better and you like most that things.

That things will give you happyness and satisfaction in life, make the list of that things, you are passionate for that.

The work that you get pleasure in doing, whether you get less money or more, it does not matter to you and you enjoy doing that work.

And you can say to yourself that this is the work that I want to do, I can say if I do this work, I get happiness in doing this work.

You can say that this is the goal of my life. And I will keep doing this work for the rest of my life and will be very happy. 

2. Apprenticeship

Every successful people have own mentors or ideal person in their life. they who follow and like most and also want to become like that.

If you want to become a successful in your life, definitely make your mentors or ideal person in their life. They will help to become a successful in your life.

Then you can follow him, like you want to become in your life. Choose your best mentor him, who will help you to achieve success in your life.

Follow him, you can learn from it. And you can apply in your life and also you can become a successful in your life. From Mentor's who will give you clearity.

3. Painful practice

After completing first and second step then you need to do more practice with full focus and work hard. Which field you want to go in and then you will achieve success. 

With full focus and with patience, then you can achieve success and become best in their field. But before achieving success you will face more difficulties.

After facing difficulties then you will become best in your field. As you know everything get but it takes time and work hard.

Without work hard and and without focus you can't achieve anything in life.
Focus and patience it is most important to achieve success.

4. Building bridges

Take small steps and find your passion, after doing this then you can find your your real passion.

And after got your real passion then you have to work with full focus and with full energy.

This point will help you, to find your passion. without finding your passion.
Whatever you doing, never you can achieve self satisfaction.

More than 80% people fails in life, because they don't the own passion or interest. And doing the job in other field.

If you really want to Be happy in life, then you need to do that work you like most and you passionate for it.

5. Pivot points

This point teach us, if you tried something and if you failed, it's not the end of your life.

No matter you tried something to do and if you failed. Failure will help to you what you mistaken.

Failures teach you why you failed. And you need to learn from your failure. Pivot points will teach you. 

Never repeat the same mistakes in life.
Life get you more chances to win. Life is like a game and you are player of your life. 

Your career totally in your hand, if you want to be your career bright. Your career will bright. But if you don't want to do. Then you will never get bright your future.

6. The portfolio life

The portfolio life means, be your life you want. You need to always focus on your work. You are the creator of your life.

You will not believe, you can control of your life. You can decide your career, if you want. but mostly believe in destiny.

Mostly people believe, destiny decide your career. But it's not true. Your destiny totally in your hand.

If you want to become your life, like you want. 100% you can control of it. You can decide your career. If you want.

7. Purpose of life

Purpose of life means, nowadays you can see maximum people doing the jobs. But they don't the why they are doing this.

Mostly people living own life, but they don't know the purpose of own life. Without purpose in life.

Life is meaningless, purpose gives you wisdom and clearity in your life. Every successful people who succeed in their life. 

Because they know very well the purpose of own life. your purpose will always motivate you in all espect of your life. Whenever you will demotivate in life.

If you really want to become a successful in your life, so first you need to find out the purpose of your life.

Purpose make you better, to improve your life and also ,it will help to become a successful in life.


In this blog, I described about passion. after reading this article. It will very helpful for you.

If you follow these steps, then definitely you can find you real passion in your life. Passion is most important for us.

Without passion you can't do anything, so that passion and purpose of life. Both are important for us.

If you want to live your life meaningful, do that work want you want to do in your life.

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