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5 Habits Of Mentally Strong People | Become Strong Mentality People in 5 Steps [ 2022 Update ]


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5 Habits Of Mentally Strong People - Become Strong Mentality People in 5 Steps [ 2022 Update ]


The most common habit of mentally strong people who became highly successful in their life. Maximum time, maximum people when they any bad situations, then mostly people takes wrong decisions, and easily give up anything. But a strong mentality person never give up easily, they take more actions and put more efforts to achieve anything. Put your efforts in your work with full energy and give your 100% efforts, then you will become successful, then chances of success 99%. But suppose you are doing something, you aren't putting your full efforts and full energy, then how you will get success, because to achieve success, you need to work hard and keep patience and take more actions, this is most common habit of every successful people, who succeed in their life. They think positively and strongly believe in yourself, he will achieve success, this is the postive attitude to achieve bigger success to your life. Here are 5 habits of mentally strong people, you need to learn from them. 

What are the traits of mentality strong people?

Patience makes you mentality strong person-

1) Elon Musk ( Tough decisions )

2) Starbucks ( Embarrass yourself )

3) Sienfield story ( Don't feel untitled )

4) Brain Tracy ( Do tough things first )

5) Thomas Edison ( Get an emotional trash can )

1) Elon Musk ( Tough decisions )

Hope you heard it many time in Newspapers or Magazines and also on the internet, about Elon Musk, some people says he is the real life iron man, and also he is the amarican entrepreneur and founder of specex and Tesla motors company. But in 2008, that was very wrost year, and when happening financial crysis in all over the world. When he is suffering from hard phase, when got divorce with wife, and it was very hard and tough time for Elon Musk. Tesla and specex was going to bankrupt, he was invested more time of energy and all hard money in both company, he had hardly 30 to 40 millions dollars blance for survival. When he need to take hard decision, where to invest 30 to 40 millions dollars, because both company it was important for Elon Musk. Finally he took very hard dicision and split the amount and invested in both company, and finally their company servived for 3 months very hardly. After investing all money in both company, then even he had nothing for servival No home, No any extra funds, No bank balance fully Zero, you can say that time was very hard for their servival and no he can feel secure his life. That time was very hard for Elon Musk, when he was suffering from nervous breakdown. And Finally after 3 months, He got the contract by NASA and got the $1.6 Billion dollars fund by NASA. And a German auto maker Daimler who very famous and who invested $50 million dollars in Tesla motors. Today he is World richest person and billionaire, also he's a American entrepreneur.

2) Starbucks ( Embarrassing yourself )

Starbucks, The most popular coffee chain house in the world. If talk about level of starting in Starbucks, when was this company dealing in coffee beans only. That time you can't take coffee drinks in Starbucks. Harvard, The CEO of Starbucks he joined in 1982 Starbucks company, that time he was not a CEO of this company at starting level. That time he was retail operations and he was working as a marketing director in this company. In 1983, When Harvard was going to travel in Italy, then he observed, in Italy there were many coffee drinks bar, and many people likes to take coffee drinks. Harvard, After observing this, he thought we need make coffee drinks to like most people. Harvard got this idea, because of 2 reasons, first one is he also like coffee drinks, and second is coffee drinks, the best for community, and at this time when people taking coffee drinks, then people can spend their valuable time with someone. That time he thought we need to start coffee drinks with coffee beans. When he returned America. After returning he discussed his idea with directors of Starbucks, but they rejected their coffee drinks Ideas, in 1985 he resigned their job from Starbucks, After that he started his own coffee drinks chain house, if I'm not wrong that was Giornale, then this coffee chain was instantly grow, and finally after 2 years, Harvard and their company invester take over the Starbucks company. And today we all know about Starbucks company. One of the most popular Starbucks coffee house in the world. So Conclusion of this success, don't focus on what people will say, you need to work on your ideas. Not focus on people embarassing you. Only work on your ideas, that will become you more successful in your life.

3) Owning nothing, ( Sienfield story-Don't feel untitled )

Scienfield it was most popular show in 90s in USA, and still now one of most successful sitcom in USA. Before some years lead star and creators of sitcom, jarry scienfield got the Idea between car journey, with guests, go for the coffee ride, and he will make films, about full conversation and experiences, means video making. He was thinking, He was feeling, this is the amazing and best idea for the show. After making plans, he pitch many people to invite in their show, but mostly people rejected their show Ideas. And jarry scienfield, it was most famous personality that time in USA. And literally every super duper hit show, American like most the show by jarry scienfield. He never thought, because I'm most famous personality in the USA, and people will not deny to coming in their show. And also he never thought, How people turn down my idea. He was working continuesely on this idea, and finally got the plateform, where he made this show, the name was that show- Comedians in Cars getting coffee, after some time, that show, it became most popular show in USA, and after that, aquire the show by Netflix. So conclusion of this story, every strong mentality people, he never depend on others, he always takes 100% responsibility of his life. He never blaming to others. He many time, to try, but never give up.

4) Brain Tracy ( Do tough things first )

Author jems, when he was pursuing his MBA, once day in marketing class, he was studying about marketing strategy, ways to built good customers experience, and How to provide decent services and customers feel happy. He analyize the many studies data about this, he finally found the reason. discovered by behavioural scientist, when people if any process and feel the painful part in first, then overall experience becomes enjoyable. He discovered this lesson, if you want to delight your customers, first say painful part of that product or services, and then  talk about good part of that product or services. Because of the reason, in any human mind, the most affect the endings in human minds. If ending will good, then people will feel good. He learnt this lesson in marketing, In purchasing time of the any product or services, share the all painful part of that, and then best things. Same as every strong mentality people, He will finish the first difficult work, then he will finish the easy work. Because they know, it has limited brain power, it has limited energy, and also it has limited will power. If you will finish the full energy and focus doing in pleasurable things, in starting time , then how will finish their important and productive work. 

5) Thomas Edison ( Getting  an emotional trash can )

On 10th December 1994 west Orange, new joursey, when American inventer Thomas alva edison plant, the fire was in 10 buildings accidently. When Thomas Edison was spending their best time with their family. Still he was very calm after seeing this, and he told to their son, call to fire office, and enjoy this movement. His son fully confused after seeing this, and asked to father, your all research papers, Whatever you achieved in many years, that is all firing. Now dad still you are very calm how? Then Thomas says, thanks to god, my all mistaken firing, now I will start again from the beginning. Suppose if other person in that situation, that time heppening was this fire incident. and he feels very sad. He never think, about to start from the beginning. When mostly people to going on depression.


Overall conclusion of this blog, top 5 habits of strong mentally people, every successful people applied these habits in their life, and he became highly successful in their life. You need to apply these habits in your life, if you really want to become a successful people. This simple habits can change your life completely, in school and Colleges can never teach you these lessons. You need to become strong mentality people, if you want to achieve something better in your life. Keep learning and keep growing. Best lesson for you, Learn from everyone but follow no one. 


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