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“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot ... when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result."

Top 20 Rules of success 


Understanding and applying these rules of success is crucial for personal and professional growth. By learning and implementing these principles, you can increase your chances of achieving your goals and living a fulfilled life. In this blog, we will explore the golden rules for success in life and business, providing you with valuable insights to help you realize your dreams and find happiness.

The following 20 life lessons have been derived from the wisdom of great personalities such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Sandeep Maheshwari, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, Sam Walton, Thomas Alva Edison, and more. These individuals have achieved remarkable success and wealth by following these principles diligently.

By applying these rules in your own life, you too can become a successful entrepreneur and lead a prosperous life. These lessons are distilled from the experiences and philosophies of highly accomplished individuals, and they provide a roadmap for achieving your goals and aspirations. It is important to note that success is a journey unique to each individual, and while these lessons can serve as guiding principles, it is essential to adapt them to your own circumstances and aspirations.

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1) Have a mentor

Thousands of interviews and studies says, the same thing, become a successful in life in this time, you can see mostly people are becoming successful and wealthy, just because they following this golden rule in his life, have a mentor, this simple rule it can be changed your life completely, never you expected, if you have a mentor, it will help to become you a more successful people, I strongly recommend you, if you really want to become a successful, you just need to apply this golden rule in your life, and become a highly successful people.

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2) Have goals and visions

Thousands of interviews says, the same thing, who succeed in their life, just because they have goals and visions making rules for yourself. It will help to become you a highly successful people, usually maximum people never achieve their goals and dreams, just because they have no goals and visions in his life. A successful people, always have goals and visions, that's why they become more successful. You can also become a more wealthy and successful, if you apply this golden rule of success in your life.

3) Everything will change

Technology is the best part of our life, today we are enjoying our life happily, just because latest technology, technology is the future, technology time to time change, we are living our life easily, life made easy and simple just because, technology is growing according to time, always be updated with latest technology, and adapt to change, in this technology time, you can learn anything on the internet, absolutely free. Always focus on building a new skills your skills it helps to make you a more better and effective people in your life.

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4) Dream big

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, want to achieve financial freedom in your life, always remember, make your dreams big, choose big goals and big desires, it helps to achieve your goals and dreams easily, our history says, the same thing, if you really want to become a successful and want to achieve huge success in your life, make your dreams big, "Think big,become big." Without choosing big dreams, you can never become successful.

5) Learn confidence

Usually maximum people, never achieve extraordinary in their life, just because lack of confidence, you can improve your confidence level, but you just need to improve yourself, if you are improving yourself according to this technology and time, then you can achieve extraordinary results in life. Today we have available more powerful and great books on the internet, to read that books and improve your self-esteem and self confidence easily, the best and easiest way to improve your self-esteem and self confidence, read daily self help books, it will help to improve your self-esteem and self confidence easily.

6) Try different thing find your passion

Today 99% people are not happy in their life, just because they didn't find their passion and interest, and doing a job in a different fields, and getting good salary, but they have no self satisfaction, they are not satisfied from their Jobs, if you really want to achieve success and want to live your life with happiness, yo just need to find your passion and interest, always remember, follow your passion and interest, this simple rule can change your life completely, your passion and interest, it will give you more freedom and more happiness to live your life. 

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7) Don't be in a rush to come in relationship

Don't be in a rush to come in relationship, today maximum teen ager, going on a wrong track, they focus to come in relationships, in this young age you need to focus on your dreams and desires, not in relationship. In this young age you can choose your desires and you can achieve easily your dreams and desires in life. This simple rule can become you a more successful in life. I strongly recommend you, always focus on your dreams and desires, if you really want to achieve something extraordinary in your life.

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8) Understand your parents

Understand your parents, you parents is your well wisher of your life, your parents always think about your better future, always remember, give to respect your parents. Always understand your parents feeling and imotions, and follow your passion in your life, the key to success, if you're following your passion and interest, then you can achieve something extraordinary as you expected in life. All parents ultimately think about your better future and better life.

9) Learn saving and investing

Today 99% people who never Achieve extraordinary in their life, just because they never focus to learn about saving and investing skills, one of the most important skills, if you don't learn this skills, then definitely you can't achieve success in your life, it's a reality of life. Out history says, who became more successful and wealthy, just because they good at investing and savings. If you really want to achieve financial freedom, that you need to learn this investing skills, this skill can become you highly successful people.

10) Be a trustworthy person

If you really want to become a more successful in your life, always follow this simple rule, be honest, "honesty is the key to success." Our history says, the same thing, who succeed in their life, and became highly successful, just because they very honest person, that's why more people like them. Be a trustworthy person, this simple rule can change your life completely, maximum people always believe on honest people, and people most like to honest person. 

11) Don't be afraid to fail

Don't be afraid to fail, if you don't fail, that means you never learn something new, Failure is the most important part of any success, always learn from failure, ultimately your failure, it becomes you more stronger Internely, our history says, the same thing, who failed more time in their life, they became more highly successful, without failure you can never become successful, success and failure both are important for us, success and failure is not in your hand, but you can give your 100% efforts and focus to achieve your dreams and desires.

12) Don't waste time

Every great leaders and successful people says, the same thing, never waste your time, because time never comes again, time is very important for us, the world's most successful people, says if you are wasting your time, that means you are loosing your money. Always utilize your avail time to learn new skills, your skills it becomes you more successful in life. You need to Maximum time to focus on your dreams and desires, not on other things.

13) Start earning

Usually maximum people, who became highly successful in their life, just because they started earning early, they follow their passion and interest, all successful people always focus on learning to new skills, just because one the most common habit of every successful people, every successful people always improving their skills, if you really want to become a successful, remember one thing, always aquaring new skills, according to time and most demanding skills. your skills can become you a more successful and effective people, if you really want to achieve something in life.

14) Learn to know yourself

Every successful people, who succeed in their life, just because they self-aware, learn to know yourself, first you need to understand yourself, what things you like most, and what things you don't like. Find your passion, then you can achieve anything in your life, without knowing yourself, you will become a successful people, chances is 0.1% only, but if you found your passion, and you are focus on your dreams and desires, passion, then definitely one day you will become a successful, then chances of success 99%, Don't wait for opportunity, create a opportunity.

15) Try to form good habits

Every successful people, who became highly successful and effective people, just because they always make new habits in their personal life, but every unsuccessful people, never form to good habits in their life, thousands of interviews says, your habits can change your life completely, make new good habits, and become a successful, read books, daily exercise, make plans, be discipline, etc.

16) Learn psychology

Maximum time, you can see every successful, They read lots of books, about business, psychology, habits, marketing strategy etc, if you understand the human psychology, human brain how it works, and how you can achieve anything in life, then definitely you will become a great and. successful, understand the human psychology, it will help to become you more successful people.

17) Start using social media

Usually maximum unsuccessful people, always spending his time on social media, just for entertainment purpose, they never create own products or services, but every successful people using social media for business purpose, and sharing useful Information and knowledge with others. They create the own product or services, and they advertising their product or services on social media platforms. because they very social and helping people, They focus on how to improve own life and how to add value in others life.

18) Exam don't matter

Every unsuccessful people giving more importance of exam, but in reality you can see every successful people, who became highly successful, they didn't complete their studies, they collage dropout, it's not mean study is not important, it is very important but, in our society people giving importance of digree and marks you got in the exams. But they don't know to become a successful, your digree not important, but you have skills, that's very important, without skills, you can never achieve anything in life. 

19) You will loose your friends unless

Every unsuccessful people make more friends, but they forget this, all friends don't you real friend, a real friends, they helps to become you more successful in your life, nowadays maximum friends are selfish, they never to think about your better future and success, if you want to become a successful, they disturb you in life, they never want you become successful in your life. whenever you achieved something in life, They then feel jealous from you. And they think about, How he became a very successful people. Why?

Here are additional top 20 life lessons that, if implemented, can help you become a highly successful and wealthy individual:

1. Set clear goals: Define your objectives and create a roadmap to achieve them.

2. Embrace failure: Learn from your mistakes and use setbacks as stepping stones to success.

3. Take calculated risks: Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and seize opportunities.

4. Continuously learn and grow: Cultivate a curious mindset and invest in self-improvement.

5. Surround yourself with positive influences: Build a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

6. Develop resilience: Stay determined and persevere in the face of challenges and obstacles.

7. Maintain a positive attitude: Adopt an optimistic outlook and believe in your abilities.

8. Take responsibility for your actions: Be accountable for your choices and learn from them.

9. Build strong relationships: Cultivate genuine connections and leverage them for mutual growth.

10. Practice effective communication: Learn to articulate your ideas and listen actively.

11. Embrace innovation: Stay open to new ideas and adapt to changing circumstances.

12. Prioritize self-care: Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

13. Be adaptable and flexible: Embrace change and adjust your strategies accordingly.

14. Stay focused and disciplined: Develop good habits and eliminate distractions.

15. Foster a strong work ethic: Be dedicated and committed to achieving excellence.

16. Practice gratitude: Appreciate the present moment and acknowledge your blessings.

17. Give back to society: Contribute to causes that align with your values and make a positive impact.

18. Stay persistent: Persevere in the face of setbacks and maintain a long-term perspective.

19. Embrace continuous improvement: Strive for excellence and consistently seek ways to enhance your skills.

20. Never stop dreaming: Set ambitious goals and believe in your ability to achieve them.

Successful people make big dreams. dreams come true, if you have a dream. Big dreams get big success. secret of success in this universe. All successful people became highly successful, just because they had big dreams. 

2) Make plans

To get fast success, you need to make plans for your future goals. And also you can make daily goals, it will help you to achieve your bigger goals. 

3) Take more actions

Successful people take more actions, but other people never take actions. Take more actions and get more results. This is the simple rule to be successful. 

4) Focus on daily goals

Focus on daily goals, it helps to achieve your final goals. Success never comes overnight, but when you start to achieve your daily goals, then easily you can achieve your final goals of your life. 

5) Measure your success

Majority of people make some mistakes, they want to get results fast, to get results, have patience, take daily actions and measure your success weekly or monthly. Results never come overnight, but your daily efforts can get you fast results. 

22) What are the 5 rules of success?

1. Set a Big goals in life

Why do all successful people say this? Set big goals in life. First we need to understand the psychology of the mind and the reason behind it. If we have a goal in life, then our subconscious mind pushes you to put your efforts into achieving them. But if we have no goals, then our mind sends the signal subconsciously, it is not necessary to take any actions. It's scientifically proven how the human brain works. 

The brain works like a big computer. It processes information that it receives from the senses and body, and sends messages back to the body. But the brain can do much more than a machine can: humans think and experience emotions with their brain, and it is the root of human intelligence. 

Why Should You Set Big Goals?

The Science of Setting and Achieving Goals

3 reasons to set big goals (other than to try to achieve them)

There’s value in going after big goals beyond achieving them, and in our experience, the payoff — even  once we  miss by a mile — is worth the risk. Here’s why we set aggressively large goals.

1. Big goals stretch what we believe is feasible 

When we set a big goal, we build a bottom-up decision to  achieve it. Goals like “3x” not only align and focus  a gaggle  of people, they force us  to urge creativity and place bets we may not have otherwise considered, because going with the  established order  won’t get us nearly as far.

“The power of the BHAG is that it gets you out of thinking too small,” Collins told Inc. “In  the top ,  the aim  of a BHAG is to make your organization better. It forces you to dramatically improve because otherwise you won’t be  ready to  achieve it. It’s a mechanism to stimulate progress.”

We’ve tried a variety  of experiments — resulting in some wins and some losses — that we probably wouldn’t have tried had we not set an ambitious goal that pushed us toward taking the risk. As a result, we started thinking bigger and improved  the general  trajectory of the business.

2. Big goals force us to check and learn quickly

Setting big goals forces us  to undertake a number of hypotheses and experiments, and  to form  some mistakes — all of which exist because we’re pushing ourselves to meet an incredibly ambitious goal. One mistake we made in going after the 3x goal was overestimating what we could accomplish through paid advertising. We expected customer acquisition  to extend  somewhat linearly as we spent more, but that correlation broke way  before we expected. This insight has shaped our paid advertising strategy since, and it’s forced us  to urge creativity in other areas, but we wouldn’t have discovered it without an enormous  goal.

3. We’re at  our greatest  when the work is hard. We're big believers in forced constraints. 

Constraints like deadlines and OKRs (used sparingly, to avoid burnout) force us to approach challenges from different angles. As our CEO Nick Francis put it  keep  Our Overachiever Culture: Self-imposed limitations can unlock magic when applied properly to a team, a product, or the business as  an entire  … constraints help you focus on what’s most important and bring out your best work.

2. Take actions daily

Taking actions daily, why people say this, to become successful, you need to take actions on a daily basis. What's the reason behind it? And how does it work? Any scientific reason?  

Proven method to achieve anything: If you get one percent better each day for one year, you'll end up 37.78 times better by the time you're done. This is why small choices don't make much of a difference at the time, but add up over the long-term by James Clear.

James Clear is a writer and speaker focused on habits, decision making, and continuous improvement. He is the author of the no. 1 New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits. The book has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than 50 languages. 

This is the most popular book, Atomic Habits by James Clear. This is a very really helpful book to form this habit, improving yourself at least 1% daily to achieve anything in life easily. I personally followed this habit, now I'm also becoming successful in my life. It's completely changed my entire life forever. And personally I Recommended you, read this book and apply them. This book can change your entire life forever. 

3. Don't waste time

To become successful in life, always start anything with questioning yourself. This habit helps you make the right decisions. and make you a successful person in your life. But usually people never ask this question, why are we doing anything? This is a solid reason for failures. 

Most of them fail in life, just because they have no clarity about their life goals and ambitions. But still, they are doing those things, for example father said, become a doctor, then he choose the science stream, and other persons said, be a engineer, then he starts engineering. It's not the right approach to do anything in life. 

You know yourself better than others. You decide what you love to do, decide anything accordingly. Don't follow others. Remember one thing, it will help to make you a successful person. Always choose your career by yourself. Because people always say anything, avoid them. If you are serious about your life and career. 

“To waste time is to waste your life.”

You need to understand, time is limited, if time is gone, then never comes back. So do anything, nothing's doing and wasting your time, better then is do something. You can use your free time to acquire new skills and gain knowledge that helps you and make you successful in life. Instead of wasting time. 

4. Learn from others mistakes

Learn from successful people, why people say this, most of them never ask this question yourself. But successful people have more experience about life, and how to deal with circumstances and obstacles. Wasting your time to creak to anything to do. better is Learn from them, who already did it and are successful. 

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Eleanor Roosevelt. “Everyone makes mistakes. 

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.” - Nikki Giovanni.

“Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow.” - Mary Tyler Moore.

Successful people can save your time and energy, and you can learn the right approach to achieve success. And asking the right questions about yourself. That really helps you to become successful in life. 

5. Make a long term goals

Having a long term vision and goals that will help you to succeed in life. But most of the time, Most people never achieve extraordinary success in their entire life. Just because people do not have goals and visions, that's the big reason for failure. 

Life is not just about achieving short term goals and success, getting high paying jobs, getting married, and getting babies and feeling happy. what you think about it, life is beyond. Beautiful life is that, when you're solving other people's problems. If you're solving your problems. Most of the people do the same. Then what is the meaning of life? Only by solving your problems, don't add value to others' lives. This type of life is like hell. 

"Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. The only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow." - Tony Robbins.

Making long term goals, because success is not getting in a day. Success requires a lot of effort, time and energy with patience. Then to get success, It is a long term process. But I'm sure, if you're putting your all efforts, time and energy in the right way, on the right thing, then you will be successful guaranteed. 

23) What are the 3 success rules?

The three topmost rules for success:

  • Don't waste your time ever sitting doing nothing.
  • Keep moving: we'll have to live in the present and steadily work your way into the future.
  • Have faith in yourself: We might end up meeting such people who discourage us but have faith.

24) What are the 4 rules of success?

1. Think Big

Thinking big makes it possible, "stretch your mind to think big" You know why people say this? History proves that if someone has big goals and dreams, that encourages you to take more actions and make them into reality. Then there is a high probability you will be successful in life. 

Even Elon Musk when he started his Spacex company, People criticized him. It's not possible, it's a very impractical Idea, just because at that time making rockets and launching, all work was done by the government organization NASA. 

Making rockets and launching for space would not be possible for a private company that needs lots of funds. But still Elon Musk made it into reality. 

As you know time is limited, and the fact about our subconscious mind, it is extremely powerful, that it has more power to make imagination into reality, you need to think big, then your mind goes in that direction. And finds a way to make it into reality. Even history proved that, who people have big thinking, and in other side people think small, then high probability, who has thinking big, that person will be successful. Now the choice is yours? 

2. Set a Goals

Goal setting is a way to achieve success in life. It gives signals and clears your mind, that's important for you, and you have to do them anyhow. Over 1,000 studies have consistently shown that setting high and specific goals is linked to increased task performance, persistence, and motivation, compared to vague or easy goals. 

Having goals, that's a sign of highly successful people and effective people. And you know how your brain works?

Your brain contains billions of nerve cells arranged in patterns that coordinate thought, emotion, behavior, movement and sensation. A complicated highway system of nerves connects your brain to the rest of your body, so communication can occur in split seconds.

Though studies show, having goals is the way when people take actions and achieve goals. It's like a trigger that reminds you to take action and complete them. Remember one thing, always start with small goals. And set the timeline, how much time needed you to achieve them. Then it is possible you will achieve your goals as fast as you can. 

3. Take actions daily

Why do people say this? Taking actions daily, the fact about why do we need to take actions daily? Because "Each step takes you closer to your goal" is the sign of highly successful people. No-one can achieve success overnight. But if you consistently work on it, then there is a high probability you will be successful in that. 

But now suppose, if you don't take actions on a daily basis, that to be needed, and now high possibility you will fail in that, because you're not consistent. According to Universal law, “Dreams don't work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” “When you do the things in the present that you can see, you are shaping the future that you are yet to see.” “If you're waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you'll never make it.”

4. Focus on learning new skills

Why is it important to focus on learning? Acquiring new skills and knowledge, that's the only way to achieve anything in life. In essence, Focus helps us to get started on something and sustain our attention and effort through its completion. Focus is very important for many academic tasks. Students need to be able to use Focus when reading in order to pick out main ideas and fully comprehend the parts of a story.

Focus on learning at any level of stage in life, if you're a student, college pass out person, and ordinary or professional. Learning is the key to success, it makes you more knowledgeable, more effective, and easier to deal with circumstances and obstacles. And it also helps to overcome anxiety and peer pressure of failure.

25) What is the number one rule of success?

Number one rule of success, find your calling and passion, work on it with full 100% efforts to achieve higher success in life. This is the best approach to get a high level of success, and become more successful in life. All successful people have the same common habits, they followed their passion and became more successful in their life. 

26) How do you succeed in life when you have nothing?

Succeed in life when you have nothing, it's not an actual problem you are not Becoming successful in life. The problem is your mindset, poor mentality people never become successful, but rich mindset people become more successful and wealthy in life. Change your mindset, and learn how successful people think, and act in any situation, and you apply in your life and you can also become successful in life. If you follow this path you will definitely become more successful in life. 

27) 7 Life Rules That Will Position You for higher Success

Rules of success:

  • Building good relationships with others, At its core, is the rule of success.
  • Don't compare yourself with someone, you are unique.
  • Choose possibilities, not problems.
  • Know your potential, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Manage your time.
  • Don't depend on others, take your 100% own responsibility.
  • Keep learning, keep growing.

28) What are the 7 Rules of success?

7 Rules for Success:

  • Focus on learning and implementation. ( Keep learning, keep growing )
  • Have a mentor.
  • Everything in moderation, including moderation itself.
  • Hire the best people - then get out of their way.
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes. If you're not making mistakes, you're probably not doing very much.
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills and always ask why.
  • Don't compare yourself with anyone.

29) What are the 7 keys of life?

The 7 Important Keys to Success Guaranteed 

1. Burning desire

Strong Burning desire is one of the most important key to success, you need to develop hunger to achieve success in life, according to our history, every successful people who succeed in life, they had strong burning desire to achieve something, this is the reason, they became more successful in their life, but if we talk about today's time, maximum people have no burning desire for their success, they want to achieve more, but they never take actions. Without taking actions and without strong burning desire you can't achieve anything in life, develop this quality today and start your first step to achieve success. 

If you're bored with life - you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enough goals. - Lou Holtz

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. - Napoleon Hill

2. Passion

Passion is also the most important quality found in every successful person. Passion is the key to success, but if we talk about today's time, more than 90% of people lack clarity about their passions. If you develop this quality, and you are passionate about work, and you have a strong burning desire, it always helps you to achieve success in your life. Passion always encourages you to achieve success in life. You need to develop this quality also in your life. 

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

-Harriet Tubman

"There is no passion to be found playing small--in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

-Nelson Mandela

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

-Anthony J. D'Angelo

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

-Oprah Winfrey

3. Integrity

Integrity and honesty is also the no 1 quality that all successful entrepreneurs have. If you develop these all qualities in your life, then there is a high possibility you will become successful. But in today's time most people don't understand the importance of these qualities. But if you genuinely want to grow in your life and want to achieve success, develop these qualities in your life. And become more successful in life. 

4. Work Ethic

The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. Work ethics is also the most important quality in all successful entrepreneurs. Hard Work and work ethics if you develop these qualities also in your life, then strongly possibility, you will get success definitely. No one can stop you from achieving success. Apply now and start your success journey today. 

5. Clear Purpose

Clear purpose and visions are the same in all entrepreneurs and highly successful people. It gives you clarity about life and success, where you want to go in your life. If you develop these qualities also in your life, then no one can stop you. Apply it now. And become more successful in life. 

6. Gratitude

Gratitude and thankfulness of God, it is also a very interesting quality in all successful people. Feel strong gratitude and thankfulness of God, who gave this life to you. But most of the people never understand this reality, as human beings we are the most intelligent species in this universe. 

We need to help others, who are helpless, physically challenged and poorer people. We have all the sufficient things needed to survive for life. I strongly believe, today we have all the sufficient needs, like good parents. I'm physically good and our brain is more powerful to create reality in all things we need them. 

7. Consistency

Consistency is also the most important quality in all successful entrepreneurs. Those people are consistent with their work. Those people definitely achieve success in life. And personally my experience of it. And what I learned in my life lessons about life and career. These 7 qualities will make you highly successful in life. Qualities can be developed by you, apply it now and I guarantee you will achieve anything, whatever you want in your life. After applying these all 7 qualities definitely you will become highly successful people and entrepreneurs.

30) 5 Life Rules That Will Position You for Greater Success 

1. No Excuses

No Excuses! teaches us that self-discipline is the key to success and gives us practical advice to master it and achieve self-actualization, happy relationships, and financial security. This is an important lesson shared from the no excuses book by Brian, Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author.

Rules of success, usually successful people have no excuses. This is the secret of each and every successful person. But more than 90% of people never become successful in their life, just because they have an excuse to cite problems.

If you actually want to achieve something bigger in life, stop giving excuses for everything. And develop these quality solutions oriented approaches. It always helps to grow up in your life. And Make your life more successful and meaningful. 

2. Self discipline

We all need financial security, self-realization, and fulfilling relationships to be happy. We know that and, most of the time, we even know what to do to get all these things. So how come we don’t get them?  

According to Brian Tracy, the reason is that we lack self-discipline, which is the key to achieving any goal. With it, the average person can do miracles. Without it, even the luckiest and most talented person won’t rise above mediocrity. 

In No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline, Tracy urges you to start acting today to build your own happiness, by applying the many techniques he has fine-tuned over the years. 

Here are 3 of Tracy’s lessons on taking control of your life:

  • To become a high achiever, plan your tasks with The Seven-Step Method and keep learning every day.
  • Happiness is a by-product of self-discipline and has 5 ingredients.
  • You can practice taking action despite fear by using the Disaster Report.

Are you ready to stop finding excuses and start getting results? Take advantage of some of the techniques that have made the author so famous! 

Lesson no 1: For a rewarding life, constantly improve yourself and plan your actions with The Seven-Step Method.

Self-actualization implies skills and knowledge. You should allocate 3% of your income and a little time every day to move from average to excellence in what you do. What about staying at work a little longer to learn something new, or reading a book instead of watching tv at home? This is a common quality every successful person has.

You can also learn a lot from people who are successful in your field. Observe how they dress and talk. Ask them how you can improve: what books to read, what courses to take.

Self-actualization also requires thinking long-term. Tracy’s Seven-Step Method can help you with that!

  • Define your goal exactly. For example, if you want to save money, also decide how much.
  • Write down your specific goals.
  • Set a deadline – a realistic one. If your goal is complicated to achieve or requires much time, break it into subtasks setting a deadline for each.
  • Think about the obstacles you may face in the process and the resources you need to succeed, including skills. Then make a list of actionable steps to acquire them.
  • Organize the list by sequence and priority remembering the most beneficial tasks must be completed first. Then add all of them to your calendar.
  • Start today with your first step!
  • Do every day something, even small, to get closer to your goal.

3. Do it right now

Do it right now, and never delay for tomorrow, this is the right approach to achieve success in your life and happiness. today's time most people have very bad habits but it is common in most of us. Always delaying something for tomorrow, and funny fact about this, that day never comes in life, when you start those things, what you delayed for tomorrow. Stop today and if you really want to become a high achiever. 

4. Self-esteem

Lack of high Self-esteem, and low Self-esteem is the reason. so most of them never become achievers. but you need to understand it very well, and apply it today. 

  • Stop comparing yourself with anyone. Everyone's born has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Say to yourself, when you are alone and stand up in front of your mirror. say you are the one and you are unique in this universe ever born. 
  • Everything is possible, nothing is impossible, but the problem has most of us, before they start to give up! This is not the right approach to achieve success. At least first try to do then decide. 
  • Start from little steps, so you continue with that, then possible to achieve success. 

5. Apply 80/20 principle

The 80/20 Rule is the proven method and secrets of successful people. Apply it now. Unsuccessful people don't know about what to do to achieve their success and goals in life, lack of clarity about it. But highly successful people have clear cut visions and goals, where they want to go in life. 

Stop trying to do everything, just because time is limited. And this is not the right approach like most successful people. If you start observing deep down everything, you get the common In that, wherein  applying 80/20 rules. 

Example: A shopkeeper has more types of products and many Varieties of products in their Shop, but what type of products sells most in every month. Answer it is not all the products only 20 percent products sales on a regular basis. 

Example: If you are a student. And you preparing your exam preparation, now tell if first exam of English subject, is it possible all the chapters questions will come in examination, not possible but in English subject definitely some 20 percent chapters questions come in exam in every year examination. Chapters will be the same, maybe sometimes questions are different but chapters will always be the same in that exam paper. 

32) What are the 7 Rules of success?

1. Everyone feels and hide it

Everyone feels and hides it. First of all, you need to understand this. Everyone has some fears, even if you are an entrepreneur, or a normal person, usually an entrepreneur never shows their fears outside with others, they are good at hiding it, but other people are not able to do that. You need to learn from them. 

When you were a child, and many times your father told you not to do things that are very risky, sometimes friends told you not to do things that are more difficult to handle. something like that, that was good in childhood, but people still are now when people are fully mature but subconsciously they have fears deep down. Fear of failures, And your upbringing is also responsible for your failures. 

But what is important is whatever you want to do for the first time in your life, fear of failure, it's very common as human beings. But you need to start, whatever you want to do in your life, when your understanding level increases, your fear automatically overcomes. This is the rule of success, don't think more, you just start it. 

2. Facing to get over it

Author Susan says in his book, when she went on stage for the first time, she was taking first lecture, that time I was unable to speak, shivering on stage.  She was so afraid, but still I didn't give up! I didn't say I couldn't. Best way to deal with fear is to do things many times, your fear automatically overcomes and you feel so confident in that work. And after some days, she started giving lectures in Big Big events. 

3. Face to comfort zone

Whether you start anything, out of the box thinking, or want to do something different from others. Always remember, your comfort zone always distracts you. Why do you want to start anything out of the box? No need to do this, you are already settled in life, something like that type of thoughts comes into your mind. 

But honestly, I can say this from my experiences, what I learned about my comfort zone. a comfort zone is also responsible for your failures. So take actions, it makes you successful in your life, there's no other way to achieve success in life. You just need to start first. 

4. Unfamiliar territory

Whether anyone starts something new or apart from routines, or some other unfamiliar things to do, always your comfort zone distracts you but you need to fight with yourself and overcome it and this is the sign of doing something new, and now you can say to yourself, now you are going on the right path. When you can create something innovative, creative and magic things. Comfort zone is like a trap, you need to come out of your comfort zone, then you can achieve anything new and become more successful. 

5. Pushing yourself is the best option

Pushing yourself is the best option to achieve success in all aspects of life, getting downs or ups. suppose you have a fear about car driving, and maybe in future you must learn to drive, now what you think about it, avoid it or push yourself to learn car driving from an experienced person. Which is better for you? It Is best for you to learn car driving. And free from your fear and become absolutely fearless. 

Author Susan suggests a strategy to overcome fear. Best way is pushing pain to the power continuum. Now Imagine you have a fear of failure to start anything new about business. How can you solve this problem? Overcoming them slowly and gradually I also faced it in my life too many times. And now I can say, I'm an absolutely fearless person. Best option is to learn from successful people, who already succeeded in business. From more powerful business books and leadership books etc. Then probably you will get success 99.99% 

6. Overcome fear and make yourself absolute fearless

  • Overcome fear and make yourself absolutely fearless, again and again doing that work you have feared about. This is the first rule to make yourself fearless. 
  • Learn from successful people, doing what you want to do, how to do it the right way. 
  • Start practicing daily with small steps, this rule makes you better from others.
  • Remember the most important thing, always everything starts with small steps.
  • Success never gets overnight. Needs more patience and continuous efforts.
  • Usually most people have uncertainty about life and lack of clarity. 
  • Uncertainty is the main reason maximum people never achieve their goals and dreams. 
  • Uncertainty creates fear of failure. 
  • You can change your entire life if you have clear goals and desires. 
  • In all Situations say to yourself, I'll handle it. 
  • Come out of your comfort zone.

7. Top 6 Internal fears and how to overcome them

1. Fear of poverty

Fear of poverty, fear of poorer life, fear of loss of money. These are the reasons most people never achieve anything extraordinary in their lives. You need to overcome your fears, learn from successful people and focus on learning new skills in life. It helps to overcome your fears. 

2. Fear of criticism

Whenever you want to do something different from your family background, people always criticize you, better to understand, do anything, people always say anything, but you need to avoid them. And also the best option for you, start reading self-help books, which helps you to overcome all types of fears and easily deals with criticism. 

3. Fear of ill health

Fear of illness, it's very common in all people. You Need to understand, if you really want to overcome fear of ill health, start doing light daily exercise. It helps you fight with fear and win. 

4. Fear of loss

Fear of loss of relationships, loss of family members, loss of friends. you need to understand that all things we can't control in life. But one thing you can control 100%, you need to focus on understanding people and building good relationships with all people. 

5. Fear of old age

Fear of old age is also very common in all people. You can't control your age, but to be healthy, start daily meditation, daily morning light exercise. And can also join a gym to feat yourself. 

6. Fear of death

Fear of loss of relationships, loss of family members, loss of friends. you need to understand that death it's not in our control. We can't control it. This is the truth of this universe. Accept this reality Everyone dies. You also will die one day.

31) 7 Rules for Success

Dr. Arnold O. Beckman's favorite tips for a successful life

1. There is no satisfactory substitute for excellence.
2. Absolute integrity in everything.
3. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself.
4. Hire the best people - then get out of their way.
5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. If you're not making mistakes, you're probably not doing very much.
6. Acquire new knowledge and always ask why.
7. Rule #7: Don't take yourself too seriously.

Recommended Book


Every successful people following these top rules in their life to achieve success. In this blog you will learn about the top 5 rules for success, rules for success for students, 20 rules of success, if you follow these all top rules, guaranteed you will become a more successful people in your life, all great leaders following the same top rules for their success. You can also apply these all golden rules in your life, and become highly successful people.


What are the 5 rules of success?

1.Find your passion 2.Make a plan 3.Take actions daily 4.Measure your success 5.Decide your end goal of life 1.Find your passion 2.Make a plan 3.Take actions daily 4.Measure your success 5.Decide your end goal of life

What are the 7 Rules of success?

1.Find your calling 2.Make a daily and weekly plan for success 3.Achieve your goals daily 4.Take actions daily 5.Be consistent with your work 6.Divide your goals in 4 categories Daily goals Weekly goals Monthly goals Years goals 7.Don't give up!

What are the rules of success?

Rules of success in life are very simple. It is more common that most people know that, but they never follow. Rules of success, You must have Big dreams, make a daily plan to achieve your daily goals, just because when you start achieving your daily goals, that means you are growing in your life, and then success automatically will get you, it depends on your efforts and whatever you are doing, you are passionate for that things, or not.

What are the top 10 rules for success?

1.Don't waste time 2.Practice makes us perfect 3.keep moving forward 4.Adapt to change quickly 5.Be happy in all situations 6.Honesty is the key to success 7.Attitude is everything 8.Focus on your strengths 9.Believe in yourself 10. Never give up!

What is the meaning of success?

Actual meaning of success in life, it means you love to do whatever you are doing. And you have freedom of time, peace of mind, and you can do the things you want to do in your life. Financially free, be happy in life in all situations. But today the definitions are different for all, for some people want to get a high salary job, for some people they want to get rich, for some people want to go on a world tour etc.