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7 Productivity Apps for Android Tablets And Foldable Phones


Android is continuing its work with inventors to acclimatize your favorite apps to take advantage of the larger defenses on tablets and foldable phones. Last month, we participated in ways to watch your favorite vids, shows, and pictures with entertainment apps. moment, we’re participating in updates to seven apps that will help you be more productive on the go so you can check and respond to emails, edit documents, or snappily take notes on your large screen bias. 


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    We're adding further functionality to make Google Workspace apps easier to use on tablets and foldable phones. For illustration, with Gmail, you can now open links or attachments side-by-side with your dispatch. When you tap on a link or attachment in your dispatch, the link will open on the right half of the screen and the dispatch will move to the left half. You can indeed control the range of each half of the screen by dragging on the separator handle in the middle of the screen. 


    Google Docs

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    In Google Docs, you can now get started briskly with the capability to incontinently edit your content on foldable phones and tablets. The formatting toolbar is more visible, you'll see a cursor, and you can tap formerly to see an on-screen keyboard if no physical keyboard is attached to your device. 



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    Zoom’s app has a new design for foldable phones in tabletop mode. This enables you to take a drone meeting hands-free on your phone, with the videotape appearing in the top half of the screen and meeting controls appearing in the nethermost half. 


    Adobe Acrobat Reader

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    Adobe Acrobat Reader streamlined its layout for large-sized Android bias to help make the utmost of every inch of the screen. You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader in split-screen mode to do multiple effects at formerly, and you can drag and drop PDF lines from a separate app to open and read in it in Acrobat. Acrobat Reader is also working on helping you open two PDFs side-by-side to work across documents. 



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    Dropbox’s app layout has been streamlined so the app will automatically resize to stylish fit the large screen on your foldable phone or tablet. The app now also supports the capability to connect an external mouse and keyboard to your device. 



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    Evernote, a note-taking and task-operation app, works with a stylus so you can annotate documents and handwrite notes in the app’s Sketch feature. However, you'll now see a two-pane layout, analogous to how the app works on a desktop computer, If you're using your tablet or foldable phone in geography mode. In this layout, you can snappily see all your notes at a regard on the left side, and also edit the note you elect on the right side. Evernote also streamlined its contrivance layout to acclimatize to multiple sizes and exposures, so you can see all your notes right from the home screen of your device. 


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    Todoist, a task-planning app, also uses a two-pane layout on the large-screen bias so it’s easier to find and read your notes. Todoist also made it easier to reach nautical rudiments, similar to your settings or inbox, making it simpler to move through the app. These productivity features on Android’s large-screen bias are available moment. 

    As a reference, you can also read this article published on the Google Blog.

    Maru Ahues Bouza

    Director of Product Management, Android Developer

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