In an era where security is paramount, video monitoring services have emerged as a critical component of comprehensive safety measures for businesses in the USA and Canada. 

To help you make an informed choice, we've curated a list of the four best video monitoring service providers in these regions. These companies offer advanced technology, professional surveillance, and tailored solutions to address your security needs.

Top Best Video Monitoring Service Providers

Here are the following 4 Best Video Monitoring Service Providers in USA & Canada.

Stealth Monitoring:

Stealth Monitoring takes a proactive approach to security by offering live monitoring and surveillance services. Their highly trained staff monitors key areas of your property in real-time, helping prevent crimes before they happen. 

They use advanced technology to watch for suspicious activity, activate speakers to deter trespassers, and even alert the police before a break-in occurs.

Key Benefits:


Stealth Monitoring offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional security guards, with typical savings ranging from 25-60%.

Continuous Monitoring: 

Their monitoring center operates 24/7 without breaks, ensuring your property is always under surveillance.

Quick Response: 

Verified crimes in progress lead to quicker police response times, increasing the chances of apprehending suspects.

Customized Reporting: 

Stealth Monitoring provides customized reporting to help deliver video evidence, simplifying incident documentation.


Initial Setup: 

Implementing a live video monitoring system requires an initial setup cost, which some businesses might find relatively high.

Remote Live Video Monitoring By Sirix:

Sirix offers remote video monitoring services that allow operators to respond to alerts and alarms in real-time. They transform video management systems from reactive to proactive security solutions. Sirix provides a user-friendly online portal and mobile application for real-time reporting, event management, and advanced reporting.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Response: 

Sirix enables real-time responses to alerts and alarms, minimizing potential threats.


They integrate with various video, audio, alarm, and GPS systems, offering a unified solution.


Sirix continually adds modules and improvements to enhance flexibility and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Reporting: Their reporting features provide detailed insights, helping businesses optimize security.


Initial Learning Curve: 

While user-friendly, the initial learning curve might be steep for some users.

Safe and Sound Security:

Safe and Sound Security specializes in video monitoring services designed to protect businesses around the clock. Their highly trained commercial security specialists monitor camera footage 24/7, using analytical software to detect irregular events. 

When necessary, they alert authorities or dismiss harmless events, allowing businesses to cut costs on on-site security personnel.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Monitoring: 

Security professionals monitor footage in real-time, ensuring swift responses to potential threats.


Safe and Sound Security seamlessly integrates with third-party IT teams, providing a comprehensive security solution.

Analytical Software: 

Their use of analytical software helps in accurately identifying potential threats and minimizing false alarms.

Outdoor Security Camera Systems: 

Comprehensive coverage is ensured with outdoor security camera systems that operate day and night.


Ongoing Costs: 

While cost-effective compared to on-site personnel, video monitoring services entail ongoing monthly fees.

Avigilon Blue:

Avigilon Blue offers cloud-based video monitoring services exclusively to its subscribers. They combine local storage with cloud storage to provide a robust security solution. Their platform allows remote access to monitor and improve security system performance. 

Avigilon Blue's user-friendly interface caters to both security professionals and beginners.

Key Benefits:

Hybrid Storage: 

Avigilon Blue's hybrid storage solution ensures data security while providing remote access and software updates.

User-Friendly Interface: 

Their platform offers a simple and intuitive user interface, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.


Suitable for businesses of all sizes, Avigilon Blue offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing security needs.


Subscription Cost: 

As a subscription-based service, Avigilon Blue incurs ongoing subscription costs.


Security is an ever-evolving concern for businesses, and choosing the right video monitoring service provider is a crucial decision. These four top video monitoring service providers in the USA and Canada offer a range of solutions to safeguard your business, assets, and personnel. 

Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness, real-time monitoring, or cloud-based services, these companies have you covered. Make a smart choice for your business's security needs by considering one of these reputable service providers.