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Why 99% of People Don't Succeed in Business?


Why Only 1 Percent of People Succeed in Business?

If you've ever wondered why most people fail in business, this article is for you. We'll dive deep into the business journey and uncover how only 1 percent of folks actually succeed.

You'll learn what sets them apart from the rest so that you can avoid the common pitfalls and succeed in your own business. Let's begin! It's like getting insider tips to navigate the business world successfully.

    Lack of clarity

    From what I've learned through reading many business books and my own experiences, I've noticed a common mistake: many people aren't clear about what they truly love to do and what they're good or not so good at. It's like driving without a clear destination.

    Without understanding these aspects, it's tough to succeed in life. It's like trying to win a game without knowing the rules or strengths of the players. Knowing yourself well, your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses is like having a roadmap. It helps you make better choices and increases your chances of success.

    Lack of knowledge

    Lots of folks often make a common mistake when it comes to business or startups. For instance, let's say someone makes money by playing games online. Others see this and try to copy without really understanding the basics. It's like trying to cook without knowing the recipe.

    Many people go along with what seems to work without figuring out what they truly enjoy or are good at. It's like everyone following the same path without knowing where it leads. Having the right knowledge about what you're doing is crucial. It's like having a map – without it, you might get lost or not enjoy the journey as much.

    Lack of motivation 

    Before you dive into anything, especially stuff like starting a business, you've got to have that inner push – like really wanting it. It's what matters to you deep down. Without that inner motivation, it's like trying to run a race without really wanting to win.

    Success often starts with having that fire inside you, the kind that keeps you going even when things get tough. It's like the engine that drives a car. Without it, the journey might not be as smooth, and reaching your destination becomes a lot trickier.

    Have no passion 

    Research has shown that strong desire and passion are often behind the success of many things. It's like having a big, motivating reason driving you forward. But here's the catch: folks who don't have that passion for what they're doing or dreaming about usually don't end up being successful.

    If you're only in it for the money and not because you truly love it, it's like missing the key ingredient. On the other hand, having a growth mindset, where you focus on improving and adding value to others' lives, is like the secret sauce for success. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey and how you make a positive impact along the way.

    They don't read

    In today's world, only a small percentage, about 4 to 10% of people, make reading books a part of their daily routine. Especially in a country like India, most folks don't pick up books to learn and gather the right knowledge for what they're interested in.

    It's a bit like wanting to be a doctor but learning about it from someone who deals with finances, like a charted accountant. That's kind of funny, right? Yet, a lot of people end up doing the same thing – following a pattern that might not lead them to the right information for what they want to achieve.

    Blindly follow

    Don't jump into things without being sure they're right for you or help you reach your dreams. It's like waiting for a green light before crossing the road. If you're not clear, it's okay to pause until you know what's best for you. Once you have that clarity, you can move forward confidently, like walking across the street when you see the clear signal.

    Wrong direction 

    Lots of people make a common mistake. They're interested in business but go for government jobs because they think it's safer. But if we look closely, jobs aren't as secure as running your own business. Here's why: in a business, you're in full control. In government or private jobs, you often have less freedom.

    For example, in a government job, you might have to follow rules without being able to help people the way you want. In a business, you can directly provide real value to customers and have more freedom to make a positive impact. It's like choosing between following strict rules or having the freedom to do what you believe is right.

    Have no mentor

    To achieve your dreams, you need the right guidance and mentors. Successful folks understand this and often have mentors who help them grow. They also focus on adding value to others' lives. Nowadays, with the power of the internet, you can learn almost anything if you're truly interested and motivated. It's like having a big library at your fingertips, ready to teach you whatever you want to know.


    Have no patience 

    The key to success is having patience. Many people struggle with this, and I used to be the same. I wanted everything quickly. But as time passed, I learned that big achievements take time. It's like planting a tree – you can't rush it, but over time it grows strong and tall. Thinking long-term is like having a treasure map; it might take a while, but the rewards can make you rich and successful in the end.

    People don't believe 

    A big mistake many people make is not believing in themselves. They don't realize the strength of belief, which is like a powerful tool given to us. This tool can turn what you imagine into reality. Sadly, many folks don't tap into this power of belief to achieve their goals. It's a bit like having a superpower but not using it to make amazing things happen in your life.

    Give up!

    A big blunder many people make is giving up too soon. In the 21st century, we have lots of ways to accomplish things. If one approach doesn't work, it's like trying a different door when one is locked. Learn from what went wrong before, and with each try, you improve. It's a bit like solving a puzzle – if one piece doesn't fit, you don't give up on the whole puzzle. You try another piece until it all comes together.


    In conclusion, make the most of the internet by reading self-help and personal development books. It's like having a big library online. These books can boost your understanding and maturity, helping you figure out what's right or wrong for your dreams. It's a bit like having a guidebook that shows you the best paths to reach your goals.

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