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Santosh Kumar Sinha, He is the Founder & CEO of SmartSkill97, And also He is the Chief head of content creation Team, Managed by Santosh Kumar Sinha. which he started in 2021. I have done the Personal MBA, and also I am a Digital Marketer, Graphic designer, Web Developer and Blogger By Passion. My hobby is learning new things. Blogging it's my passion. I like to learn new things, and I want to make this Blog India's no1 free Online Learning Platform. Where You can learn everything about Success and how to achieve your Goals and Dreams easily. I want to share with you more Powerful Knowledge, Wisdom and my personal experience. So you can improve your life, and make your life meaningful. I read a lots of books, for Business, Marketing, Goal setting, Success, Inspiration, Habits, Time Management etc.

SmartSkill97 is going to be India's no1 free online learning platform, which platform provide you more powerful knowledge and wisdom so you can improve your life easily, and to achieve your all goals and dreams faster. Where you can learn everything online from that people knowledge and experienced who already succeed in their life and how they became more successful people, and how you can learn from them, and also you can become a successful people. On this platform you will learn about everything to achieve success, and life lessons and powerful knowledge and experience. More Successful people Like- Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Jack Maa etc.

Nick name ( S.k. Sinha )

I read a lots of books,for Business, Marketing, Goal setting, Success, Habit etc.

My favourite books- 

The Story

Santosh began as a content writer at Freelancer, where he was quickly promoted as a senior head of content manager to a team of mixed nationalities writers. It was not long before he realized that simple hard work was not enough to cope with the increasing complexity and workload. Before "leverage" became a common business buzzword, Santosh was finding ways to go beyond his "fixed ability". To level up his productivity he invested heavily in reading books on productivity and management, testing them himself through trial and error and realizing which techniques actually worked over others. It was at this time that he began to discover "SmartSkill97", which were (at the time) simple tricks and methods to increase productivity. Using these smartskill97 to vastly increase his performance, Santosh quickly outpaced the demands of his work and by his mid-20s had already successfully managed over 150 writing projects. In the span of less than 5 years, he had achieved more than what other project managers could do in 10.

After compiling an immensely valuable treasure trove of productivity tips and methods, Santosh decided to summarize his experiences and publish them online. This is how SmartSkill97 was born.

The Mission

Santosh quickly made a name for himself, and the initial popularity of his shared SmartSkill97 was overwhelming because it addressed a common need that all people share in the world - not having enough time. This response made Santosh realize that climbing the traditional career ladder wasn’t his true calling. There was a new mission - to positively influence more and more people through this knowledge - Santosh quit his job to found his first company and became an entrepreneur dedicated to Santosh and fulfilling this goal.

The Present

Becoming more successful and achieving your Goals, Dreams and burning desires. Focus on self-learning and get high valuable knowledge and wisdom. so that you can improve and grow your life easily. Our every single blog is very powerful, helpful and give you more knowledge, experience from those people who succeed in their life. you will learn about how they became highly successful. So you can learn from that people thoughts and thinking process through our blogs, that will help you to improve your life and make your life meaningful.

With over 3 years as a leader, Santosh is still just as passionate about pushing his limits and sharing his secrets about personal development as he was when he began. Through Leon's efforts, today SmartSkill97 is a world class team that still retains its start-up mentality where he has personally coached over 70 executives to make personal breakthroughs at work and at home. He is a valued guest speaker and contributor and has been featured in multiple publications, including at the UC Berkeley Hass School of Business, Harvard College in Asia Program, the Guardian, and the Washington Post, besides being recognized as Business Week's #4 "Top 24 Young Indian Entrepreneurs".

Santosh spends his spare time coaching his 2 business partners and preparing them to be the next generation of productivity gurus.

My interesting topics-

Skills, Habit, Inspiration, Time blocking, Business, Lifestyle, Travel, Technology, Learning etc.

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