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10 Tips to Increase Productivity (Time Management Matrix)


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10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity and Time Management Matrix


Are you stuck in your personal life and businesses, you are not able to increase your productivity, and you want to boost that and time management matrix, that helps you to increase your productivity and efficiency. It is very powerful for your personal and professional life, and also for Businesses.

Time Management Matrix, that helps you to ask the right questions at the right time in life and if you are in the business industry. Or having your own business. It helps in all aspects of life. It will make you a more productive and effective person.

Every highly successful person follows this time management matrix to increase productivity and focus on business and leading multiple Businesses or Boost your productivity by asking some few relevant questions yourself. To avoid time waster and where you spend your time most.

When you tackle this, then it is easy to increase your productivity and efficiency at work and also it helps to grow your Businesses and to get higher growth in personal life and professional life, managing your social life, and maintaining good relationships.

In this blog post, today I will share 10 tips to increase your productivity and time management matrix. Let's begin.

What is a time management Matrix?


The Time Management Matrix is a self-management tool, developed by Steven Covey in his infamous book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

It’s now widely used by business and individuals to prioritise the important tasks and identify time wasters. It classifies tasks into four quadrants: that is a very powerful, and 100% proven strategy to increase productivity and manage your time effectively with efficiency. 

Q1. Urgent and important

Taking the right decision for a career , a customer complaint. Business meetings, working on very important projects. 

Q2. Not urgent, but important

Your taxes, getting your car serviced, calling your mother, paying your electricity bills, water bills etc.

Q3. Urgent, but not important

Answering emails within 10 minutes of receiving them. This type of tasks delegate with others. 

Q4. Neither urgent nor important.

A Netflix binge session, reading the comments in a news article, checking social media accounts. Or entertainment videos and movies. 

Social media scrolling and useless web browsings 

10 Ways to Increase Productivity and Time Management Matrix


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1) Don't try to remember everything

Most of the people, if we talk about today's time, when mostly people are the busiest in day to day life, and making the same common mistakes again and again. They try to remember everything. And that's why they forget the important tasks and goals maximum time.

As human beings our brain doesn't remember everything, until you clear your mind of what's most important for you or not important. Human brain has limited memory and capacity to remember anything. So please avoid making the same mistakes. If you want to increase your productivity and want to increase your focus power and want to be energetic at work, most of the time.

2) Write down everything

Today most of the people are unproductive at work and his life. You know why? Because maximum people never write down everything, or important tasks and goals, and that's why they never become productive at work, and his life. So start writing everything today, important tasks and thoughts related to your life and career. I know it's difficult at initial days, but if you write down everything for at least 21 days, then it's become a part of your life. And it's a new habit of highly effective people.

(Important thoughts and tasks)

If you deeply observe highly effective people or highly successful people, the common factor is that they write down all important tasks and goals. It helps and works as a reminder to finish your tasks timely, prioritize wisely and effectively and productively. Every successful person does those things, but unsuccessful people or unproductive people don't.

3) Document everything

1. For ideas

Every case study about productivity, and time management found the same common habits in all successful people and entrepreneurs, who are more productive and effective in personal and professional life. They write everything in daily life, and also to increase your productivity and manage time efficiently. If you also want to become more productive and effective people, start today making notes for new ideas and daily routines.

2. To-do list

Making a To-do list, this is the best way to boost your productivity and also start making time management matrices. It helps to make you more effective and productive in life. To-do list work as a reminder, it gives you the clarity about step by step finishing all your important tasks and goals of daily routines. When you apply it in your daily routine, you can see the very effective results, you never forget the daily important tasks and goals. Already millions of people follow this technique of time management and increase productivity.

3. Taking notes

Taking notes it's a very superb Idea to manage your time and increase your productivity at work. Millions of people already applied in their routines and day to day life. And those people become more productive and effective in life. But If we talk about today's time, it's not necessary to carry a notebook all the time, but as our technology becomes more advanced every second. You have multiple options, for taking notes, installing Google notes or Google docs in your smartphones, or as well as installing in your laptops and computers. It's totally offered free by Google Inc.

4) Put everything on calendar or (Use Time blocking method)

You have two options, first is to put everything on the calendar or use a time blocking method. Time blocking method is very powerful and the most famous personality is Elon Musk. He is also using a Time blocking method to increase their productivity and effectiveness in daily to day life.

I personally recommend you, the time blocking method is a very effective and more powerful technique to increase your productivity and efficiency at work. And most of the magazines Also covered this topic in their updates. Like- Forbes magazine, inc.com, entrepreneur.com etc.

5) Fixed time to check emails and notifications

Most of them never define exactly when to check their Important emails and notifications. And most of the people waste most of their time checking unimportant emails, notifications, social media messages. Watching videos on YouTube and shorts, and social media platforms. Like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, whatsapp etc.

You need to properly define the exact timings for these activities in daily life. Then you can save your more valuable time and energy, and avoid wasting time on unimportant activities day to day.

6) Use technology for time management and productivity

The most important role of technology is to save your time, extra effort and also save your energy level. Technology-enabled tools that save you a significant amount of time also improve overall efficiency and productivity at work. As a result, technology and time management are a combination of productivity and effectiveness. 

Tools for time management and increase productivity

(Absolutely free)

7) Make a checklist

Start making a checklist, it's a better way to increase your productivity and effectiveness at work. And fishing your all important tasks one by one in daily life. It will make you a more effective person. maximum people don't make a checklist. And this is the main reason why maximum people aren't productive in their lives.

But you don't make the same mistakes. If you really want to become successful and want to become a productive and effective person. Every successful person has a daily checklist, and They follow their checklist to finish all important tasks in their busy schedule daily.

8) Take a Afternoon nap (30-45 mints)

Taking an afternoon nap for 30 to 45 minutes, it also helps to increase your productivity, focus power and efficiency. This simple habit boosts your energy level to focus on a particular task with Productivity. Every successful person has the same habits, those people take an afternoon nap 30 to 45 minutes to increase productivity at work and focus power.

And also make this habit, daily waking up early starts with taking a glass of water, after taking a glass of water, your brain neurons work actively. and start meditation for a few minutes daily, it also increases your productivity and effectiveness. And you feel more energetic all the time. If you apply it in your daily routines.

9) Take a break between a tasks

Taking a break from a task, applying it in your daily routine, it also helps to increase your focus power and productivity. Scientifically proven our brain attention spans a maximum of 45 minutes. And a minimum of 30 minutes. And taking a break for 15 minutes is enough for 1 hour.

You can also use pomodoro technique in daily life to increase your productivity and efficiency at work. Every task is divided into multiple pomodoro. 1 pomodoro Technique for 45 minutes and break for 15 minutes. Tasks divided accordingly. Apply it now and Boost your energy level, focus and productivity.


Most important tasks and goals
  • First you have to finish all your most important tasks and goals.
  • Important projects and working on important things.
Less important but urgent
  • Taking calls, banking work and checking necessary emails and notifications.
  • Urgent meetings.
Important but not urgent
  • Taking life decisions and financial decisions.
  • Working on Client's projects or personal projects.
Not important nor urgent
  • Spending more time on social media platforms, mindless web browsings. Unimportant chit chat or gossip.

10) Create your own environment

Creating your own environment, this is the last tip but very powerful and more effective, to increase your productivity on a particular thing. Change your surrounding environment, design your personal workplace, where you can spend more time working on important things and Ideas. Which are includes:
  • Workplace should be neat and clean.
  • There are only useful gadgets, tools and useful books.
  • Apply it on wall posters in workplace, it reminds you all the time your important tasks and goals
  • Avoid unnecessary social gatherings
  • Reading articles and watching videos related to your work

11) What are the 4 P's of time management?


The 4 Ds are: Do, Defer (Delay), Delegate, and Delete (Drop). Placing a task or project into one of these categories helps you to understand what's important or what's not. So that you can manage your limited time and increase your productivity and effectiveness and more effectively and stay focused on what matters most to you.

12) How do you create a time matrix?

Whenever you create a time matrix, remember these important points - which 4 P's should be included: set of 4 categories of tasks which are to create an effective time matrix.

1. Most important tasks

  • Your daily goals, that takes you closer to your dreams.
  • Career related tasks.
  • Banking work.
  • Important projects for clients and personal projects related to your career etc.

2. Less important tasks

  • Social activities and social gathering.
  • Unimportant meetings.
  • Stop answering Less important calls, chitchat, gossip with colleagues etc.

3. Tasks can be delayed

  • Deposit check to Bank branch.
  • Some other banking related activities can be delayed.
  • That type of task, which doesn't affect your life and career etc.

4. Not important nor urgent activities

  • Scrolling videos and shorts on Social media platforms, and watching unnecessary videos on YouTube.
  • Unimportant web browsings.
  • Unimportant meetings and calls etc.

13) What are the 5 elements of time management?

The 5 Key Elements of Time Management

1. Set reminders for all your tasks

Increase Productivity and efficiency time management is the key to success is to know your deadlines and set reminders. 


  • Daily 4:00 A.M for study and most important tasks that directly affect your life and career. 
  • Important jobs and personal activities. 
  • Daily 12:00 P.M for watching new videos and learning new skills. 
  • Daily night 1:00 AM to 6 AM, it's my personal working time etc.

2. Create a daily planner

  • It's most important to save your energy and time for important tasks. 
  • Make sure to prepare advance planning for tomorrow and weekly planners etc. 
  • Advance weekly planning saves 4your more valuable time and energy, and utilizes your free time to learn something new, skills set etc. 

3. Give each task a time limit

  • Set the time limit for each task or set the deadline, it increases your productivity and efficiency, finishing all tasks timely. 
  • It Also increases your focus power and concentration power. 

4. Eliminate distractions

  • Stop unnecessary notifications, phone calls. 
  • Unnecessary meetings 
  • Less important tasks 
  • Create your own environment to feel energetic all the time and achieve your goals faster

5) Establish a daily routine

  • Establish a daily routine, it's a very important to make yourself productive and effective
  • Daily routine gives you clarity to manage all your important tasks and build good relationships
  • Daily routine is the fastest way to achieve anything in life



Overall conclusion of this blog post, giving the right way to increase your productivity, and how to stay focused on particular things, increase your productivity and efficiency with a time management matrix that is important for you. Already millions of people are used in their corporate business. Most successful people follow this technique to increase their productivity at work and finish all important tasks effectively.


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